Vampire: Requiem Et Chaotica

Franklin Writeup Sessions 1&2


Chapter 1:

5/11 occurs, takes out Oakland Bay Bridge.

Franklin Pierce (My Character) organizes covenant meeting to discuss events and appropriate response.

Spooky (Brian’s character) doesn’t agree to stop using nightmare on other covenant members so he gets excluded.

Action plan set down in meeting:
Jon & Fred’s Characters are to manage up Brian’s character.
Make an example of next vampire caught in Carthian feeding grounds.

After the meeting the two low ranking carthians return to the Black Cat to bring Spooky into the fold. Tanner & Pierce go to the Smithsonian to get a feel for the atmosphere before setting off to the park to spread word amongst the animals to be on the look out.

Chapter 2:

After leaving the SMithsonian Franklin & Tanner go to the park to further discuss the future of the covenant.

During this time they encounter Josh, an unstatused member of the invictus and subdue him. Pierce has Walter (His Ghoul) shuffle the three of them off to elysium where he dominates Josh into sprawling dramatically onto the floor as he announces his infraction to the population.

When the Seneschal comes to claim Josh Pierce makes a point of tweaking the seneschal’s nose in a way that is above reproach and gets an exceptional success. Pierce gains the inspired condition when dealing with the seneschal politically.

Pierce and Tanner then take time to mingle. Tanner talks to one of the deputies while Pierce cozies up to the circle of the crone.

Afterwards Tanner and Pierce organize blacking out the Seneschal’s finances and financial contacts using Carthian resources.

They then go and look at a safehouse that walter had researched for them. Decide that it is adiquate and put walter on it before retiring for the day.


Fractally_Weird Fractally_Weird

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